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Once you have purchased a package from us, your account will be uploaded to your My Account > Downloads section on our website. 

However, you will first need to read and follow our guide, you will receive instructions via email. 

We would recommend first checking your spam folder as somethings the emails can end up there by mistake. 


If you have not yet received the confirmation it could also mean you have paid via Bitcoin, please allow 6 confirmations, once that has reached your account information will be uploaded. 

All accounts listed and in stock will be delivered instantly after payment. 


If you have paid via Bitcoin, it can take a little while for the payment to process, we recommend waiting between 30 minutes and 2 hours. 

Our files come in either Excel or PDF, you can download a free excel viewer, please search google. 

We do as standard include a monthly payment fee which gives you access to the guide and other services, discounts and befits. 


You can opt out of the subscription at any point. 

We limit the number of downloads to ensure you are the only person to have access to the files. 


If you have tried downloading the files, but have not successfully downloaded, please contact us using the above link.

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